Healing is Remembering Who You Are: A Guide for He…

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 - eBook

Healing is Remembering Who You Are is an uplifting reserve about acquiring your powerful therapeutic essence in just. Simple, inspirational, and uncomplicated-to read, you are going to discover many precise self-therapeutic processes and hypnotherapy methods. There are interesting tales and 22 excellent methods for actual therapeutic experiences, this sort of as therapeutic food stuff and ingesting complications, abandonment, unworthiness, intimidation, loneliness, sexual abuse, and other issues of daily life. Illustrated edition.


“…a gorgeous reserve…Marilyn Gordon writes of timeless truths…plumbs the depths of your interior becoming in a way remindful of Gibran. It is for anyone.”
Ormond McGill
“Dean of American Hypnotists”

“…a person of the most valuable guides I have read toward the discovery of the genuine self”
Dennis Michael Harness
PhD in Counseling Psychology

“The vital to the deepest level of therapeutic is remembering and encountering who you truly are….Marilyn Gordon’s reserve has revealed this crucial truth of the matter in a profound way.
Gabriel Cousens, MD, Holistic Physician and writer of Spiritual Diet and the Rainbow Diet program and Seven-Fold Peace

“Marilyn is a compassionate and skilled hypnotherapist whose present of touching people’s life arrives by way of fantastically in her reserve…”
Bob Oliver, Accredited Hypnotherapist

A lot more Than Twenty-two Healing Methods Within

Finding the Dilemma * Inducing Trance * The Interior Youngster * Subpersonalities * Observing Mom and dad as Young children * Inquiring Guidance for Solutions * Having to pay Notice to Overall body * Having to pay Notice to Emotions * Communications You Require to Make * Pulling Out Cords * Outgrowing It * Healing with Touch * Healing with Light-weight * Witness Consciousness * Intellect-Overall body Healing * Golden Ball of Light-weight * Trance Rehearsal * Posthypnotic Solutions * Methods for Discomfort * Going through Essence
…And extra inside of the reserve.

About the Latest Revised Version of the Book

This is the revised 2013 edition of an previously reserve, released once again to share the jewels and gems inside of–tales and insights and methods that would be useful to anybody fascinated in the profound perform of therapeutic your intellect, your thoughts, and your daily life.

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