Heartbreak Therapy: Repair Manual for a Broken Hea…

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 - eBook

HeartBreak Remedy provides a groundbreaking solution to healing the unpleasant thoughts of heartbreak pursuing the finish of a romantic relationship. Although the book teaches the mind about the mother nature of heartache, the companion audio tracks gently guideline the heart and thoughts again to wellness. Andrew condenses the knowledge gained from several years of individualized hypnotherapy sessions into a collection of healing strategies, enabling the reader to embark upon a literal pick your own healing journey. In HeartBreak Remedy, Andrew supplies an rationalization of the conscious and subconscious mind and how hypnotherapy is employed to free us from cyclical detrimental contemplating and get our thoughts again to within a wholesome array. By way of a hypnotherapeutic perspective on love, relationships, and the mother nature of heartache, Andrew introduces the reader to new styles of healing that facilitate insight and really encourage psychological properly-being.

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