Protected By The Light: The Complete Book Of Psych…

Saturday, November 19th, 2016 - eBook

Are you currently being psychically attacked? Of course! Every single day you are uncovered to negative forces in the atmosphere from cynical men and women, malicious men and women, media commercials, sounds air pollution and numerous other sources. These psychic assaults can cause neuroses, bodily disease, terrible luck-even accidents. A further 10 % of these psychic assaults are thanks to metaphysical sources, this sort of as black magic, demonic spirits, poltergeists and energy vampires.
This is the initially comprehensive information to diagnosing, dealing with and avoiding psychic assaults. Dr. Goldberg uses the most current reasearch on energy fields, auric bodies, chakras, white magic, black magic, possession and demonology, as properly as scenario histories from his hypnotherapy observe-to investigate and describe the phenomenon of psychic assaults. This ebook involves 55 physical exercises to help you fortify your aura and understand to protect you and your beloved types in opposition to all kinds of psychic assaults. Psychic security of this variety provides with it a own empowerment like no other.Utilized Ebook in Very good Condition

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