Ainslie Meares on Meditation: Dissolve tension, an…

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 - eBook

Ainslie Meares (1910-1986) was an eminent psychiatrist of international reputation who made major contributions to medical hypnosis. He melded mental homeostasis with the essence of mysticism. Dissolving tension, anxiety & pain. Taping the wealth within. Rest naturally in meditation and live a calm, active life. 

“People told me what they wanted to know and I wrote Ainslie Meares on Meditation it includes Relief Without Drugs* & sample poems written by Meares.”                     Owen Bruhn, 2017.


  • Foreword by Pauline McKinnon
  • The story of Meares’ life and works – the early years and, the hypnosis & meditation periods
  • Relief Without Drugs* by Ainslie Meares with summaries of the “Relaxing Mental Exercise” and Notes on Pain prepared by Bruhn.
  • The later refinements – the Stillness Meditation process, making the stillness more general & living calm.
  • 30 sample poems by Ainslie Meares to help plan which poetry books to get. 
  • Meares’ teaching protocol and personal meditation practice
  • A summary of Meares’ method
  • Also includes:
    • Meares recommendations on his own book’s,
    • Recommendations on the best of Meares’ books from those available in 2017.
    • A list of related books by other authors.
    • Getting some rest if sleep eludes.
    • How Meares’ poetry fits into his method.
    • Footnoted references are provided throughout the book.
  • Plus more…

I highly recommend this book to all who aim to live and teach ‘a better life’.”                                                                          Pauline McKinnon, invited by Meares to teach meditation 34 years ago.

Owen Bruhn is an OHS Practitioner who practices Stillness Meditation, utilises the Egoscue method and is certificated in the Primal Blueprint. He lives with family and dogs in Melbourne.                                                                                                                                         *distilled version                                                                                                      


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