Create Wealth & Abundance: In 8 Simple Steps

Monday, June 12th, 2017 - eBook

Best selling audio hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold has combined this extraordinary book on prosperity with an exceptional Wealth & Abundance hypnotherapy CD. Using humorous anecdotal experiences from a journey of struggle to abundance, Glenn guides you step by step to success by demystifying the crucial ingredients required for achieving wealth and success. Written from a place of true understanding in a fresh and direct style that empowers and motivates the reader. The book includes many life-changing techniques that will enable you to achieve any goal you set yourself. Glenn is a professional hypnotherapist with a very successful range of Hypnotherapy CDs which have sold over 400,000 world wide, and are well established as the UK s best selling self-help CDs. In 2005 the BBC also released a new range of Glenn s CDs on the BBC audio label. After learning the art of Hypnotherapy Glenn eventually hit on the abundance trail by using self-hypnosis techniques to overcome poor conditioning that had previously held him back. He now lays out these principles along with his journey and experiences in a clear and easy to understand way, with the aim to help others create their own success in life. The key elements Free yourself from any blocks to abundance! Learn the key universal laws of abundance! Develop powerful new inner beliefs for Success! Learn new self-hypnosis techniques that draw out your creativity and potential! Take the 8 practical steps and create great wealthand abundance in your life! Learn life changing techniques that enable you to achieve any goal you set yourself! To compound the book content, there is a free Create Wealth & Abundance Hypnotherapy CD inside the book. This CD is exclusive to the book and contains two hypnotherapy sessions. On each recording you will hear a soothing voice and 60 B.P.M sound effects guiding you into a deeply relaxed state of mental and physical relaxation. In this very receptive relaxed state you are given a number oUsed Book in Good Condition

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