Creating Connections: In Ericksonian Approaches To…

Saturday, May 6th, 2017 - eBook

This book contains 13 papers, written from more than 30 years of McNeilly’s experience as a clinician and teacher. He draws on a wide range of ethical and philosophical sources including Lao Tzu and Martin Heidegger and theoretical sources including Ericksonian principles, ontological coaching, and a variety of solution approaches. The topics include contextual, ethical and always practical issues that are a perennial concern for any serious therapist. Readers new to the solution approach and Milton Erickson’s contributions will find an elegantly simple place to begin to explore from, while more experienced therapists will benefit from McNeilly’s unique, simple yet powerful insights which will add texture and depths to their work. Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your therapy work? Do you want to expand your theoretical, philosophical and practical methods of assisting all problems in all clients? Do you want to find ways of dealing with the most challenging clients, respectfully, rapidly and effectively? This unique collection of papers explores a multitude of essential concerns, and is sure to contribute to any therapist’s effectiveness and personal satisfaction.

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