How To Stop Umms And Other Verbal Pauses And Habit…

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 - eBook

How do you tell a professional speaker from an unprofessional one? You can tell by how many times they say, “Umm” or “You know” or “Mmm” etc. These are verbal pauses and habitual expressions that the speaker leans on like a crutch. The worst thing is the speaker doesn’t even know they’re saying these things. If you want to gain the edge, present yourself more professional, and really gain influence over your audience, you need this book. This book is going to teach you a quick and proven self-hypnosis system that will subtract those unnecessary ‘crutch’ words from your verbal repertoire. Never again will you sound the part of an unprofessional speaker/communicator. Now you can finally sound self-confident, knowledgeable, and most importantly professional. The words you use will no longer hurt the ears of your audience. Instead, you’ll impress everyone and be well sought-after indefinitely as a speaker. Grab Your Copy of This Amazing Book Today!

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