Hypnosis To Treat Tremors: Control Your Tremors No…

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 - eBook

Hypnosis as a treatment for Tremors – is a excellent book, loaded with information. This is a excellent book for anyone suffering with tremors. It explains the type of tremors, what tremors are, what is Parkinsons, and what can be done with hypnosis as a cure. It is a smaller book, but explains everything in a easy to read format. I have kept this book short, and to the point. It is neither boring, or dull. You will better understand the different types tremors, and what causes them. You will understand the part that hypnosis plays in controlling your issue. The whole process is explained, and should answer any questions that you have about tremors, hypnosis, and it’s treatment. As someone who has suffered with this traumatic issue myself, I know the importance of controlling it. I have even included my personal story and the issues I have gone through with tremors.

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