Life! Short & Sweet. A journey to Understanding: A…

Monday, June 5th, 2017 - eBook

Life short and sweet A Journey to Understanding by Myron Katsapas is the first of its kind and is truly an amazing spirituality and Self-Help book. Not only does it deliver a short interesting true life story, it also provides valuable insights to better living. The story portrays real information on emotions, life and how to live it successfully. As the story unfolds the author reveals his deep thoughts and emotions while growing up. This illustrates how negative emotions and complexes are formed into character. At the same it provides information on how reality is concluded. There after the story follows as the author lived with all the concerns, complexes and negative emotions like anger, depression, fear and irritation and how they affected his life in various negative ways. More importantly the author gives us an understanding of how to rid ourselves of all the negative emotions, concerns and complexes that we develop in our lives. Resolving negative emotions and finding inner peace is only the first facet of the book. The story then moves onto reality and how our understanding of reality can dictate our lives. The concepts revolved around reality are truly remarkable. Myron Katsapas touches base on Philosophy from Socrates and Einstein and in doing so relays an ultimate understanding about life, which when understood enables us to live enlightened lives. What’s even more fascinating is that you see how the previously applied principles and concepts clearly produce a successful life in every way. Life Short and Sweet has set a new standard for spirituality and Self help books. Reading a self help book has never been so enjoyable and thought provoking.

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