Lose Weight Permanently And Naturally

Saturday, March 11th, 2017 - eBook

The spiritual energies that continually interact with our physical body dramatically influence our bodies, our thoughts and our emotions. We don’t really understand these forces because they are usually hidden from our awareness. The purpose of this book is to help bring the hidden spiritual energies into a clearer focus so that we may consciously draw upon them to create emotional, mental and physical functions in our lives that will allow us to lose weight permanently and naturally.

In this book Dr. Goldberg presents many self-hypnosis exercises that override the willpower and reprogram the subconscious mind to eliminate the true causes of overeating. You will learn never to count calories, diet or fast. You will learn how to live a healthier lifestyle that will make your weight loss permanent.

Other benefits you will obtain from reading this book are:
*How to incorporate easy to do exercises into your life.
*How to create a leaner mind set by concentrating on how you lead your life, not how much you weigh.
*How to develop more balanced eating habits.
*How to read food labels and eliminate high-carbohydrate foods from your shopping list.
*How to live healthier abd naturally maintain your ideal weight.
*How to induce and use self-hypnosis to empower yourself in all aspects of your life.
*How to raise your level of spiritual growth while you lose weight permanently.Used Book in Good Condition

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