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Monday, March 27th, 2017 - eBook

This Guided Imagery CD is incredibly effective for improving and maintaining your health. It was created using the most sophisticated digital recording & processing available today. Sounds of ocean waves & beautiful synthesizer music combine to enhance your relaxation while William H. Brown’s soothing voice guides you through a tranquil visual trek that helps to heal and connect your body and mind. Play this recording over and over again even while you sleep. Your physical health will begin to strengthen within a few days of use. Mind / Body Healing is the amazing connection between your mind (brain and nervous system) & your body. Your body is interconnected & controlled by your brain and brainwaves. For thousands of years, science and healers have told us of this incredible connection. Now, this powerful audio CD program will assist in increasing your Mind/Body Connection. By listening to this CD & following the Guided Imagery and directions, your mind begins to connect the neuromotor pathways for healing. New research shows that we become what we believe. If we believe & think positively about our health, our immune system flourishes. Your subconscious is turned on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, protecting your mind and body from outside threats. Training and strengthening this connection creates an amazing healing effect that you can turn on to heal & maintain your body. This program is very easy to use. Just play it back while relaxing once a day. Listening will begin to open your mind for an amazing new experience. Once you use this powerful program, you will feel the immediate effects of the relaxation and find your mind and body reacting in more healthy ways. Our mind/body connection guided imagery is popular with those recovering from cancer and /or surgery. No matter how serious your illness, your mind and body need to work together to insure complete recovery. Your sleep will become more restful & healing. Your energy will begin to increase.The Incredible Mind / Body Healing Audio by Physician Wm. H. Brown
Wm. H. Brown is your Facilitator and Guide on this Incredible Healing Jounrey
This is the Coveted and Pioneering Work of Wm. H. Brown.
This Audio Program has Assisted Many, Many People with Serious Illness Back to Recovery!

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