Rise Above Energy Vampires of All Kinds: Life Forc…

Friday, March 24th, 2017 - eBook

Rise Above Energy Vampires of All Kinds: Life Force Influences and Physic Vampires Exposed is an excellent book to heighten your awareness and understanding about your energy levels, what influences it, how to manage it, the pitfalls to watch out for, and how to overcome them. This book will take you back to basics to discover how to effectively use nutrition, sound and music therapy, stress management techniques and mind-body techniques for prevention and wellbeing, or to rebound from chronic conditions and disease, including anxiety, depression and fatigue. Raise your vibrations to new heights to expand your consciousness, intuition and awareness, become healthier, more energetic, and more successful than ever, increase your attraction like a magnet in a “like” attracts “like” kind of way, and activate your mind-body for awakenings of all kinds. On the metaphysical plane, this book takes you through some awesome techniques for experiencing awakenings on all levels, including mind-body awakenings, astral awakenings, psychic awakenings, spiritual awakenings, sexual awakenings and self-discovery of all kinds. This book covers some of the darker aspects of the metaphysical world too, explaining what to watch out for and how to awaken from your slumber and rise above the forces that can drag you down to genuinely and consistently experience your higher vibrational lifestyle. Learn to enjoy life in the process with this amazing journey, greater personal power, clarity of mind, inner peace, love and joy, as your life flows with synchronicity, you effortlessly manifest your desires, and your vibrations become reflected in your external life. Although this book is loaded with informational and inspirational resources and links throughout, the final chapter covers advanced tools for your tool belt to help you take everything to the next level with progressively increasing health, wellbeing, vibrations, awakenings, and even the opportunity to experience the ultimate reality for yourself, in a highly vibrant and joyful way! Get this book in Paperback, Kindle Edition, or Any Device Download App Edition while promotional prices last. Energizing your life and wellbeing can start today!

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