Self-Change Hypnosis

Saturday, April 8th, 2017 - eBook

Just think! What could you achieve if you could design and accomplish everything that you desire, easily? This is something that Richard MacKenzie asks his clients regularly. The reason that he asks them such an open ended question is that he believes with complete conviction that an individual is capable of achieving all of their wildest dreams and more!  

“By ordering this book today you will be starting your new life from now, knowing that the life that you always dreamt of is just days away!

The techniques that you will learn in Richard’s groundbreaking new book will both challenge and inspire you to achieve the truly impossible. One of his favorite quotes comes from a man called Henry Ford. It says “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” He believes that if we change and challenge the things that we believe about ourselves, that we can ultimately change and take control of our own destinies.

For instance, commonly people will think things like, “I’ll never have enough money”, “People don’t appreciate me or value what I have to say” and, “No one really likes me”. These are all beliefs and with the knowledge and techniques that you can find in Self-Change Hypnosis, you can get rid of them and start living instead of just existing!

“I understand that life can sometimes be a bit of an uphill struggle. This is why I decided to put the techniques that I use with my clients every day to help them get extraordinary results into Self-Change Hypnosis. I truly believe in you and have no doubt that with a little time and effort that we can work together through the book and help you to create a life that is a joy instead of a slog!”
Richard MacKenzie
Author and Self-Change Specialist

The aim is to get the book out there so that it can help and inspire as many people as possible with its easy to follow approach. Richard asked one of Europe’s most successful Hypnotherapists and Trainers to write his foreword. Here is just a snippet of what he said;

“Richard MacKenzie is one of the leading British experts in working self-change miracles. The clients he sees in his Oxford hypnotherapy practice profit immensely from his guidance and skills. Now Richard has decided to make his vast knowledge and expertise available to anyone. In an easy-to-understand, fun-to-read style he equips you with the tools necessary to do powerful self-change work. As a hypnotherapist and trainer myself, I have read my share of the many self-help books available. Some of them are not bad at all, and yet I was thrilled and motivated at the same time after having read Richard’s book: Finally a book that doesn’t stop by telling you what to do, but actually inspires you to do it!”
Olf Stoiber
Hypnotherapist and Trainer

Over the years, Richard has helped numerous amounts of people with a whole range of issues from lack of confidence, phobias, stopping smoking and loosing weight to some pretty major stuff like business development, sports performance, relationship issues and much more. He has personally helped many people in top and influential positions to realize their potential and to reach for even greater goals! Now all of Richard’s knowledge and experience has been put down on paper for you to easily follow and get the life that you have always dreamt of.

So to recap on the original question that you were asked at the top of the page, What could you achieve if you could design and accomplish everything that you desire, easily? Take time to think and day dream about exactly what you are going to achieve once you have this great book in you hands! The only things that are impossible are the things that you THINK are impossible. You are about to go on a journey of discovery and change, however the best thing is, you are going to decide the outcome!

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