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Thursday, March 16th, 2017 - eBook

Are you tired of Depressing Diets, Soul-Crushing Workouts, and Yo-Yo’ing Back and Forth? The ONLY way to lose weight PERMANENTLY is to change your attitudes and beliefs towards food. Your subconscious mind controls your beliefs, behaviors, and actions, and the ONLY way to change your subconscious is through hypnosis. Expanded 3rd Edition Contains 4 FREE BONUS Chapters! Learn the Methodology Behind the Best-Selling “Self-Hypnosis As You Read” Story Inside. STOP trying to change your body directly with fad diets or workout plans. Your Subconscious Mind will help you release weight PERMANENTLY. Creating Change and Releasing Weight Gets Easier and Easier Every Time You Read. Get Your Copy Now and Let’s Explore the Art of Self-Hypnosis Together! How can Self-Hypnosis Help Me Release Weight? Many people don’t realize that the mind controls the body, and the only change that must occur is in the mind. There is no need to change our body directly, and trying to do so never lasts. Our mind wants what is best for us, and once we decide to adopt positive, beneficial beliefs, our body will reflect that. What will this Book Teach Me? This book contains proven Self-Hypnosis strategies, and will help you make powerful, lasting changes to release weight PERMANENTLY. All you need to do is read the story inside, and your mind will take care of the rest! It’s really that easy. I Want a Book I Can Read Again and Again, Not Just Once Great! This book can be used repeatedly. Many people find that every time they read, their hypnosis session is more and more powerful, and they experience different benefits each time! What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis can be defined as a state of complete focus and concentration, in which a person becomes less aware of their surroundings, and much more inwardly focused. Many people refer to this state of heightened focus and awareness as a hypnotic trance. When a person is in a hypnotic trance, they are more likely to accept and take on new suggestions that can help them change their beliefs, mindset, and behaviors. This book will help you change your beliefs and attitudes towards food and exercise just by reading! The more you read, the more powerful the effects. Is Hypnosis Safe? The goal of a hypnotist or hypnotherapist is not to take control over the person or provide them with the answers; it is to help the individual solve their own problems, and the individual in the hypnotic state always has control, so there’s no reason to be afraid. What You’ll Learn:

  • What is Self-Hypnosis?
  • How Can Self-Hypnosis Help me Release Weight For Good?
  • Your Self-Hypnosis Session- As You Read
  • How to Use This Book Again and Again
  • Weight-Loss Methodology: Why Your Mind is the Only Thing You Need to Change
  • Why All Diets Are Flawed From the Beginning
  • The Ultimate Key to Permanent Weight Loss
  • And Much More!

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life, and Feel Great Now! Take Charge and Create the Changes You Want in Your Life Today!

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