Self-Hypnosis – The Simple and Successful Way to G…

Thursday, May 18th, 2017 - eBook

In a world of lofty promises and micro podcasts that guarantee to change your life in just a few days, the idea that a book can relay and teach a skill that truly can improve your situation is remarkable and almost unbelievable. Yet it is true. The power to change your life is with you now, if you just know who to tap into it. Self-hypnosis has been around since the first habit was formed, yet it seems only recently the power and benefits of this amazing, self-directed healing practice is being recognized. From changing your mind to changing your habits, self-hypnosis can be used to improve every aspect of your life and situation, faster than you ever dreamed possible. Mastering Self-hypnosis in just a weekend is easier than you would imagine, and with the proper tools and practice, you can start benefitting right away. This guide will teach you three easy steps to self-mastery and cover the many benefits of self-hypnosis, the do’s and don’ts, common questions, common concerns and much, much more. YOU are in charge of your future and with self-hypnosis, that future can be everything you dream of.

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