Self-Hypnosis: Your Golden Key to Self-Improvement…

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 - eBook

This helpful book explains in practical terms how to use self-hypnosis to improve all important aspects of life. Norbert Bakas is recognized for his expertise in the field of hypnotism. In sharing his knowledge of self-hypnosis this book has made available to others the benefit of his skill, philosophy and technique. The author has been teaching and practicing hypnosis for over sixty-seven years. (At the time of this writing, Norbert Bakas is 87 and still active in hypnosis.) He taught over 100 45-hour courses in self-hypnosis at Community College of Allegheny in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Every once in a while you read something that makes what you already know wake up and come alive once more. “Self-Hypnosis: Your Golden Key to Self-Improvement and Self-Healing” is such a book. It is jargon-free and clearly written. Beginners and old hands alike will find this book a joy to read and extremely valuableUsed Book in Good Condition

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