Stop Existing, Start Living: Help Yourself Take Co…

Thursday, March 30th, 2017 - eBook

Do you sometimes feel as though you’re sleepwalking through life? That you’re stuck in a rut? Does each step forward seem to be accompanied by two steps back? 

Are you fed up with feeling this way, and wondering what you can do about it? 

Stop Existing, Start Living is designed to help you take control of and responsibility for your life, so that you can start living the life you choose to live.

The majority of what we do is driven by our unconscious mind, and follows automatic patterns of response based on our past experiences. Without realising it, we can find ourselves robotically repeating behaviours that actually make our lives worse, leaving us feeling dissatisfied, uncomfortable and ineffective, but not understanding why.

Through the relaxing and proven techniques of hypnotherapy, this book will lead you step-by-step through the process of recognising the ways in which your unconscious mind is generating your sense of discomfort and dissatisfaction. The development focus then moves to the goal of changing those old, ineffective responses, bringing to the fore thoughts, feelings and behaviours that will improve your life and your enjoyment of it.

Stop Existing, Start Living guides you through a unique and gentle process of change using ten hypnosis audio recordings. These can be downloaded at

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