The Complete James Bond Lifestyle Seminar

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 - eBook

After 3 years of success with The Complete James Bond Lifestyle Seminar and audio-book, author and speaker Paul Kyriazi has put the entire seminar down in book form.

If you couldn’t get to one of his 4-hour seminars, here it is in a 5×8 261-page book. All organized in easy to find chapters and sub-headings. From Money, to the Ultimate Secret of Women. Easily seven times the material of the successful audio-book, How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle.

Learn how to turn your fantasies into reality. Learn how to not just look cool in a casino or checking into a resort hotel, but how to be cool, as cool as James Bond.

This Complete Seminar Book won’t make you 007, it will make you YOU, the real you, the individuality that is you. A you that will enjoy the style, confidence, and the resort experiences of James Bond. A you that will continue your education and make thing happen in your life. To not dream it, but be it. After all, you’re on the planet too. Why should James Bond have all the fun?

Chapters include: Re-invent Yourself, Your Appearance, Your Bond Car, Bond Girls, Exotic Hotels, Casino Gambling, Your Mission, Upgrading Your Image, The Greatest Adventure, and The Ultimate Secret of Women.

Get it today for yourself and then pass it on to someone that is important to you, to help him go after his dreams and get his piece of the James Bond Lifestyle.Used Book in Good Condition

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The Complete James Bond Lifestyle Seminar

Author by : Paul Kyriazi
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Ronin Books