The Hypnotist: Healer, Head-Hacker, & Headliner

Sunday, April 16th, 2017 - eBook

The Hypnotist: Healer, Head-Hacker, & Headliner offers an in-depth look at the legacy, development, key players, and power of hypnotism in Western culture. Along the way, it demolishes the myths and misconceptions that have haunted hypnosis to illuminate that today’s hypnotist holds an important role as a healer, entertainer, and mental self-defense coach. Hypnotism has been a staple of carnivals, psychology labs, and military mind-control programs for generations. It has long been shrouded in mystery and mysticism, until now. The Hypnotist traces the roots of hypnotism through the halls of academia, English literature, and the U.S. intelligence apparatus to give readers a fuller of the uses, and misuses, of hypnotism in Western culture at large. It features a treasure of thorough and extensive bibliography of references to the academic research, military records, and English literature useful to both the professional hypnotist and layman alike.

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