The Imaginary Self: Removing the Veil to Supra Bei…

Friday, April 21st, 2017 - eBook

Imagine being in a dream reading this book backwards word for word, while doing a front flip off a cliff at the same time. The way this book is written distracts you from the fall, allowing you access to the parachute that is neatly tucked away. We are penetrating the barrier of fear known as The Imaginary Self that held the real us back. As we are doing this, the same feelings of Joy are arising as if we are parachuting together in tandem. So is this really a dream? Or are you just reading this book backwards… What you hold in your hands right now has an Infinite number of pages reflecting who we really are. Although it seems to have a beginning and an end, we realize that this guide is being read to us in the present moment. Having already made the Jump into this Multidimensional manual, we are awoken to a signal that is coming from within. This message of Supra Cosmic Intelligence is heavily assisting us from beyond the veil of The Imaginary Self. All distortions that stand in the way of Supra Being are being blown away by a gentle breeze as we make our descent Through 33 chapters. The original template of our Soul is being restored in this present moment as we read this. The way language was encoded (Old-Speak) created an unconscious barrier to growth when it came to integrating what we read, heard, and touched. This book is breaking encoded blocks in the traditional language algorithm and allowing the True Energy of the Original Template of Being to make its imprint. Ever since this book began being read, a sequence of commands have been initiated that will indefinitely continue on. Re-reading this book in its entirety a few times quickens the completion of what it has already set out to do, and that is to thoroughly respond to the distress call of the Human soul. We are finally here enjoying this experience with our Self, through our Self, as our Self in Tandem with the imagination… as it always has been. -Michael William Springer 2015

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