The Ultimate Alien Agenda: The Re-engineering of H…

Sunday, March 5th, 2017 - eBook

Locate out the surprisingly weird “final magic formula” of the alien invasion, when you browse The Supreme Alien Agenda by James L. Walden, Ed.D.

If you browse newspapers or view television, it is tough to stay away from the truth that persons all above the environment are reporting encounters with aliens involving abduction and experimentation. What they don’t expose is the rationale the aliens have for these testing―until now.

In The Supreme Alien Agenda, you will meet up with Jim Walden. Just one night, this trainer, counselor, and public servant was startled by a red-eyed alien creature at the foot of his bed. He was kidnapped and subjected to humiliating and agonizing scientific treatments in a mysterious underground laboratory.

Years handed. Frightened and on the brink of suicide, Walden sought the assistance of a renowned alien abduction researcher. The first thing they needed to do was assistance Walden completely don’t forget his knowledge. Working with hypnotic regression, they found exactly what genuinely took place. These occasionally stunning, occasionally terrifying insider secrets of the aliens are lastly discovered in The Supreme Alien Agenda.

·Why are humans being kidnapped?
·What goes on in mysterious, underground, alien labs?
·What are the aliens doing to humans?
·Who genuinely are the aliens?
·Where do the aliens appear from?
·What can we do about what is likely on?

Beneath hypnotic regression, Walden figured out that he was an alien-human “hybrid.” In The Supreme Alien Agenda, he shares his encounters, discoveries, and his astounding summary: aliens may possibly not be ugly creatures bent on destroying the human race. Rather, they may possibly be our own ancestors. The moment they ended up revered by historical human civilizations as reptilian gods. Now they stay in an alternate dimension right here on Earth, working desperately to maintain the world for us all.

Is this true? You browse the facts. You judge the data. You make up your own thoughts. This is a book that should be browse for you to have an understanding of what is going on to persons close to you . . . and probably even to you. Get The Supreme Alien Agenda now.
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